Territorial Equipment

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  Condit Company has a long-standing tradition of superior sales and service for industrial processing equipment. As a distributor of capital equipment and specialty products, Condit employs a skilled staff of application engineers and sales engineers ready to assist you with specifying a new compressed air dryer or the complete turn-key installation of a process heating system. Our factory trained and certified service technicians will keep you up and running years after start-up.

In today's competitive manufacturing environment, your equipment must perform to specification. That's why it pays to choose Condit for proven expertise and complete service programs.

Our Sales & Service Advantage

  •  Factory-trained technicians, recertified annually
  •  Fully stocked service centers
  •  In-plant inspections, audits, surveys and tests
  •  On-site training and technical seminars
  •  Computerized system maintenance data
  •  Customized maintenance agreements
  •  Preventive maintenance program creation
  •  Life Extension Programs (upgrades)

We offer the latest in compressed air and gas equipment and technologies from some of the world’s premier manufacturers including compressors, dryers, filtration, heating and cooling, separation, and system accessories. We have also developed custom equipment and engineered specific systems that are required for applications like food and beverage or gas pipelines.

Industry Experts

  As our customers are constantly evolving to be more cost-effective, energy efficient, or even just to offer a superior product, we are helping them make that happen. Condit Company is based on evolving our knowledge of applications and building specific products to fit. We are always expanding to better serve our customers needs, while staying focused with the strength of our company, compressed air and gas.  

Industries & Markets

   alt    Oil & Gas Refining
Regardless of your specialization -- upstream production or oil services, we offer custom product solutions using the latest advancements that can be applied throughout the refinery process.  
   alt    Pharmaceutical
Whether you are a pharmaceutical or biotechnology, we can work with your laboratory, development, manufacturing and regulatory teams to help you achieve your production goals.  
   alt    Food & Beverage
Whether you are a dairy, beer, wine, bottled water, food or spirits producer, we can work with you and your maintenance, engineering, and operation teams to increase your system's performance.  
   alt    Transportation
Reducing the 'cost of ownership' and ensuring the performance and reliability of transmissions, engines and critical hydraulic systems on your vehicle are ongoing challenges.  
   alt    Chemical & Petrochemical
Condit has real solutions for your process needs. Whether you are in gas processing, or chemical/polymer production, we can create custom solutions to increase your system's performance.  
   alt    Power Generation
Whether power is produced from fossil, nuclear, or renewable sources, customers rely on our products to purify water, oils, and gases in every stage of the power cycle.